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Newspaper’s Curtain Call and the Rise of New Media


As the credits roll to ‘State of Play’ we get to see the last dance of the old paper company. The plates are put on these big rollers, sheaves of paper are pulled up into the air with fresh ink plastered upon them, and they are thrown into big vans for distribution. It’s one of the most beautiful and tragic visuals of a dying media. More importantly it’s something that was once modern and is now antiquated all within our lifetimes. The fact that printing presses are a part of this modern society is almost astounding, and seems more a vestige of our giant conglomerates than a need for them. Please take a bow Old Man and accept this lifetime achievement award. Time to move on. All the paper and ink – building individual newspapers for singular consumption – distributing it all over the world – How dated and wasteful!


F*CK Ad Campaigns: Stop Snickers Before they Stop Us.


When was the first time I heard those words that haunt my dreams? Hungerectomy? Nougatcity? Like most branding I thought it would go away in a couple of years, but this advertising resists those common norms. In fact I feel like everywhere I look today not only do I see the same terrible Snicker ads that made it famous, but there are plenty of copycats to go around.

Let’s look at this from a societal level for a moment. The joke is not trying at all. There is no wittiness here. It’s a made up word that should make you feel hungry or conjure up a funny image in your head. Alright – that’s the basis of advertising – be memorable. Stick in people’s heads for the right reasons. At this stage in our evolution it matters ever more that you’re able to stay inside someone’s conscious mind for more than ten seconds. So, as long as you’re doing that don’t worry nearly as much about the actual images you make in “their” minds. Thanks Snickers for doing me such a disservice.