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07.2014. Grist | White Roof Project: Cool roofs offer a salve for hot cities — and the climate, too

02.2014. Popcorn and Vodka | Know How Interview

06.2013. IndieWire | Know How: Project of the Month

05.2013. Making the Movie | Only Connect: An Interview with Juan Carlos Pineiro Escoriaza on Know How

03.2013. Take Part Environment | Op-Ed: White Roofs Are the White Knight We Need to Slay Climate Change

03.2013. Take Part’s Brain Food Daily | Second Skin: Virtual Worlds Come to the Real World

07.2012. Earth Easy | White Roofs Offer a Simple Strategy to Help Combat Global Warming

07.2012. New York Times | So Cool! La Mama Theater in NYC Gets White Roofs

07.2012. Times Square Magazine | The White Roof Project Aims to Cool the City’s Heat and the World’s

05.2012.  SPARK Speaker Series | Juan Carlos, Highlight

04.2012.  TEDx Seton Hall Talk | White Roof Project

01.2012.  Scienceline | Paint the town white, White Roof Project

07.2011.  Reuters | Painting Bill Clinton’s “white roofs” into reality, White Roof Project Op-Ed

07.2011.  Matador Network | Beat the heat with White Roof Project

05.2011.  Motherboard TV | Richard Garriott

10.2010.  Daily Brink | Biographical Interview: Not Michael Bay

08.2010.  Lights. Camera. Help. Film Festival | Institute for Democratic Education in America

04.2010.  Kotaku | Sid Meier Documentary: Watch Civilization’s Creator Build A Game In 48 Hours

04.2010.  The Escapist Magazine | Sid Meier Documentary: Gaming Legend Sid Meier and His 48-Hour Game

04.2010.  Vice Magazine | Sid Meier Documentary: Op-Ed Oral History of Gaming Sid Meier

09.2009.  The Wrap | Second Skin: Op-Ed Virtual Worlds are not Just Time-Wasters

08.2009.  Hulu | Second Skin Interview with the Filmmaker 

08.2009.  Adobe | Success Story:  Second Skin’s Viral Marketing Campaign

08.2009.  VBS.TV | Op-Ed Second Skin, this Movie will make you cum

07.2009.  Popular Science | China Tries to Curb Gold Farming

06.2009.  Venture Beat | China’s crackdown on virtual goods could ripple through game economy

02.2009.  TV Technology  |  Second Skin Uses Adobe Premiere Pro

01.2009.  Computer Graphics World  | Second Skin: Usage of Machinima

12.2008.  Judith Calvert Toulmin  |  Second Skin

04.2008  Boing Boing TV | Second Skin

04.2008.  NPR: Here and Now  |  Second Skin: Radio Interview

03.2008.  Orato | Second Skin: How MMORPG’s Shape Our Culture

03.2008.  The Tech Conference Show (Podcast)  |Second Skin

02.2008.  E Film Critic  | Second Skin SXSW Film Festival Interview

01.2008.  BBC RADIO  |  Second Skin: Radio Interview

12.2007.  Ten Ton Hammer |  Second Skin


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