Governor Brown Signs Know How Campaign’s Foster Care Bill!

Juan Carlos


I am happy to announce that California passed a foster care bill that is one of the most meaningful steps in reforming our foster care system in decades. And unbelievably proud to say that our “Know How” campaign, along with a coalition of forward thinking minds, joined forces to make this victory a reality. I am in awe of what we’ve accomplished together and really you are to thank for our big win.

Governor Brown signed AB 403 on Sunday October 11th, a bill that helps every foster youth grow up with a family, and our petition was a contingent piece in getting the bill passed!

In fact our social action, which garnered over 19,000 signatures, was 100% of the public’s voice with 3,054 signatures from California residents alone. This petition was not only delivered to the Governor, but used by our partner organization, Youth Law Center, during legislative sessions to actively advocate for the bill. The bill affects a cohort of over 3,000 foster youth in any given year who live in group homes in California. The Governor’s Budget appropriates $9.6 million to further the goals of this measure by ensuring that social workers can provide core services to families and by helping local governments recruit and retain knowledgeable and well-informed foster families.

As the author of the bill, Assemblymember Mark Stone, eloquently puts, “Children who enter foster care need safe, comfortable, supportive places to stay, whether that is with a relative, a foster family, or a treatment center. Current options for placement, particularly the existing model for group homes, do not always meet these needs. The reforms in this bill will provide youth with the support they need in foster care to return to their families or to find a permanent home if returning to their families is not an option.”

We kicked off our campaign in May, activated around a number of key moments, and never looked back! 

  • April 7, 2015: Know How campaign site live
  • April 29: Published petition with Youth Law Center around AB403 & SMS “FOSTER” to 77177
  • May 5: “Know How” campaign kickoff: California State Capitol Screening with Assemblymember Mark Stone & Senator Jim Beall. 70 attendees.
  • May 13 – June 16: Recurring Action Email. 20 Sends. 6,251 Action Completions. 345% Action Conversion Rate.
    May15: Theatrical Premiere in NY & LA theaters
  • May 25-27: #WeKnowHow Twitter Chats
  • May 27: TV Premiere on Pivot at 8pm PST. Lower 3rds drive to SMS “FOSTER” to 77177.
    May 28: iTunes Release
    June 3: VOD/DVD Release
    June 11: 5,000 signatures on petition milestone.
    June 15: Netflix Release
    August 5: partnership petition published on their site.
    August 13: 15,000 signatures on petition milestone
  • September 21: Roundtable Policy Discussion & “Know How” Screening with Congressmember Bass. 120 attendees.
    September 30: Video & action update of Congressmember Bass and activists advocating for AB403 published. Last push for signatures. 1,494 Action Completions. 208% Action Conversion Rate.
  • October 3: Public Broadcast on WPIX 11 New York at 8pm, Saturday Night Special engagement.
  • October 5: Delivered Petition 3,054 signatures from California residents & 16,163 from across the nation for a total of 19,217 signatures.
  • October 11: Governor signs legislation (AB 403) by Assemblymember Mark Stone. $9.6 Million appropriation to help over 3,000 foster youth in group homes.

Anecdotal Quote from Jennifer Rodriguez

Executive Director of Youth Law Center

“We are a very small organization who does great advocacy but definitely are challenged about marketing and communication (we have no fundraising or communications staff) and so the exposure you have given our advocacy on this bill has been invaluable. This bill is really transformative. Ive been contacted by youth and advocates in several other states who want to follow in California’s footsteps and cant believe how close we are to really achieving this change… You have the inside information that many others are completely unaware of about exactly how hard this has been and how many dynamics we’ve had to navigate to keep people focused on the needs of youth… I just wanted to let you know that not only have you played a big part in this advocacy effort, you’ve also helped to build our capacity in a very important way. Your impact will result in our overall advocacy being strengthened. Cant thank you enough!”

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